The opening schedule is on Friday the 12th at 6:00 PM at the BC Place in Vancouver.

The ski events occur at Whistler starting Saturday the 13th (about 2 hours north of Vancouver).

Calendar of events (pdf)

After no coverage 4 years ago, this year there will be coverage- NBC and Universal Sports will have 1 hour on the Opening Ceremony Sat 13th 1:00 PM EST and highlights in April on the 10th 3-5 OM EST.

Universal sports will broadcast nightly at 6 PM (repeat 11 PM) EST Mon 15th thru Tues 23.   MORE INFO
The Canadians will be broadcasting – where that will show I don’t know: MORE INFO

Paralympic Sport TV has coverage over the internet.

Team USA will have postings and video:

Another source for news:

Some more information:

And events will be broadcast on the internet – need a fast connection: