I just got done with two training camps at Mt. Hood, Oregon where I had two weeks of Super-G and two weeks of Slalom and GS. The last two weeks we had very hot weather and it wasn’t unusual to be skiing when it was mid 70’s. The snow was melted many feet in a day and we eventually couldn’t even ski to the bottom.

This is Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake. The tiny block of snow in the middle of the mountain is the Palmer snow field, where we train.

img_1474This is the top of the snowfield and our GS training course.

img_1493This is me and a guy named Fuxi. I think he is Austrian and he owns two ski shops in Government Camp (the town at the base of Mt. Hood). He is very animated and creative in the way he gets you to come into his shop and buy something. He starts by offering you an amazing deal on something you may or may not want, then once you go inside to investigate, he leads you all over the store and if he catches you eying something of interest, he pronounces that he has yet another amazing deal and amazing price for you. It really gets amusing when he spots another customer behind you and proceeds to sell the same product at either half or twice the price he just offered you. Regardless, he does seem to be doing well, and I even got some free socks from him.