I just went hunting for the first time. I call it hunting, but it was more of an excuse to go around the woods with a gun and not find anything. My friend and I each had a muzzleloader, camo fatigues, and orange vests as we headed out into the forest. I used my one-off bike to get around but it was far too cumbersome and noisy to really sneak up on anything. Instead, we found a promontory along these power lines where I could see in either direction for several hundred yards, and I set up to wait. My friend then walked around the woods on either side of me for several hours, trying to scare deer or other animals near me. Once they got within range, about 100 yards or less for these muzzleloaders, I would then blast them to smithereens.

As it turned out, we saw absolutely nothing. No living thing made its presence known to us, not even a peep, growl or scurry. All I did for half a day was sit on my butt and look at the woods. It wasn’t so bad though, I got about 3-4 hours of good heavy thinking, and staring at trees.

My view for many hours. Anything from the bottom of the hill and closer would have been toast, had it decided to cross the power lines.

That afternoon we got bored and decided that, as long as we had prepared all the guns, we might as well blast them off. So, we took a trip to the firing range with our armaments and found a few other groups of hunters that were sighting their guns in. Some of them had brought arsenals that would be the envy of Napoleon himself. One group had an entire pickup bed full of guns, which they fired off seemingly indiscriminately down range, with no breaks, for about an hour. They had some impressive guns and they were all very loud, but nothing compared to a .50 caliber muzzleloader with a ton of black powder, which we had. We each took a shot with our guns and the other group immediately paused in their firing, wondering where the deafening and concussive boom had just come from.